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Wrentham Cable 8 Educational Opportunities

Video Production

Video Production Classes

Every month throughout the year Wrentham Cable Offers video production classes at our station.

These lessons are provided to Wrentham Residents FREE of charge. The classes run the gamut of all video production from digital editing, graphic creations, recording video and audio. Creating special effects, Green Screen production. As well as classes to help the public to improve your video abilities and use software like adobe and Gimp to improve photographs.

The classes will vary with the months so keep checking this section of our website, you will eventually find a class that will pique your interest.

Wrentham also offers any of our class topics on a one on one basis. Call the Station to make arrangements.

Wrentham Cable 8 camera operator

Introduction to a 3 camera live shoot

JULY 10, 2023 – 7:30pm in the cable access TV station 686 South street.

On August 6th 2023 Wrentham Cable Access will be conducting a Live 3 Camera shoot. We will need three camera operators, a Director, a Sound engineer and stage hands. The instructional classes this month be dedicated to training a minimum of 5 individuals in the process of executing a three camera live production. Every candidate will be fully trained using the actual equipment that will be used at the event.

Here is the Training schedule for July:

July 2023 Schedule
Wrentham Cable 8 computer video equipment


Wrentham Cable 8 also provides workshops for the following; Lighting, Editing Pod Casting and editing.

Interested in joining one of these training sessions? Call the station to make arrangements – REMEMBER all Training lessons are FREE for Wrentham residents.