Physician's Focus with Bruce
This program produced monthly by Dr.
Bruce Carlin provides the lateset
information on treatment and the latest
technologies and treatments available
for a wide range of Ailments.
Physian's Focus airs on Cable 8
Saturday's at 10pm
King Philip Sports
A Cornerstone of Wrentham Cable Access
has always been Works hard to bring the
community all of the local high school sports
We have broadcast many of the Football and,
Basketball games as well as Wrestling,
Baseball, Lacrosse and field hockey.
Peak Moment
With over twelve years of producing
Peak Moment Television with over
episodes 336 episodes Peak Moment
has chronicled the many difficulties and
unique solutions that we have going
forward tackling Global warming and
the reduction of fossil fuels. Peak
Moments airs on Thursdays at 8pm
Concerts on the Common -
Have you missed any of the great summer
concerts on the town common? If so tune
in to cable 8 we will broadcast these great
shows sponsored by the Recreation
Department throughout the year. Watch
our schedule for air dates and times
A look at America through the camera lens
of Archival films and documentaries made
in the 30's and 40's. This show will have a
little of everything. Be sure to watch it on
Tuesdays at 10pm  channel 8 or Verizon
channel 39
The Piano Guy
If you've ever wanted to learn to play the
piano or improve your existing skills the
Piano Guy can be of help. The Piano
Guy airs Friday's at 9pm on both
channels 8 on Comcast or 39 on Verizon
Along the Blackstone
If you like local history this is the
program for you. Join Ranger Arning
as he investigates the history in the
Blackstone River Corridor, This show
airs on Fridays at 9:30
Expedition Earth
Join host Scott Tucker as he and his
family trek through the wilds of New
England to bring you a hands on look at
the creatures which live there. On
channels 8 on Comcast or 39 on Verizon.
Art 02093
Sponsored by the
Wrentham Cultural Commission this
great program highlights the talents of
Wrentham's diverse Art Community.
This show airs on Saturdays  at 10:30
Smart Boating
Learn all there is to know about boating
the smart & safe way. "Smart Boating", is
an informative weekly TV show,
developed to help boaters make more
informed, “smarter” decisions about
boating topics. Air On Channel 8 and 39 at
9pm Thursdays
Creations in Clay
Join host Louis Palladini as he provides
children with step by step instructions in
creating fantastic and realistic clay
This show airs Tuesdays at 7:30pm
Eat Well Be Happy
Watch along as chef Debra Stark
reveals her unique cooking style.
Debra is joined by other well known
chefs in a delightful half hour of
quality cooking. Mondays at 8pm
Drexel Interview
A fantastic interview program featuring
some of the best & brightest of New
England. Moderated by Paula Cohen.
Worth the time.
Hot & Cold
TV Show started in 1995,
Now in their  2nd decade of producing
the Hot and Cold is still locally
produced. The Show still airs on public
access channels across the nation! You
can this see this great show in
Wrentham Sundays at 10pm
Baby Blue Arts
Baby Blue Arts is a crew of dedicated
volunteers who videotape Minnesota
musicians for audiences around the
world. This extraodinary has founds it's
way to Wrentham Cable 8 it is an
exciting show not to be missed. The
show airs weekly on Fridays at 9:30 and
Wednesday's at 7:30p
Original Congregational
Church Coffee House
This Great program has been produced
locally by Ken Graves
And brings many well known bands to
our community. This show airs Friday's
at 7:30
Retro Theater
If you like old movies this is the program
for you. Each month old movies whose
copyrights are in the Public domain
expired. Lots of old stars, Some great old
Song Speak
The Woodwhisperer
A fantastic local show where you can
pick up some real tips about
woodworking. Watch along or join in
by tackling some of the interesting
wood projects you'll see on this
programs. The Wood Whisperer airs
Wednesday's at 9:30pm on Channel
8(Comcast) or 39(Verizon
The Bongo Boys  
A show that revives the age of music
videos. Relive the best of MTV in this
well put together show. The Bongo
Boys airs Thursday's at 11pm
Penny Dreadful Shilling
A wonderful Horror show showcasing
old Public domain Monster movies.
This show is put together by a talented
troop of actor and writers who spin a
little tale throughout each movie.
Penny Dreadful airs Fridays
at 10:30
An Evening at the Unlikely
Story Bookstore
The Big Picture
This long running and very popular program is
made Right here at Wrentham Cable Access
and is played by over 50 TV Stations
nationwide. The Show allows a look back to
the way our Army run in the thirtys. The
footage shown was filmed by the US Army and
shoiw as newsreels throughout the country.
The Big picture is broadcast in Friday's at 9pm
Photographing Nature
An incredible show detailing
photographs of Mother Nature's
beauty. This long running Cable 8
program has been produced right here
in Wrentham since 2004 it airs on
Channel 8 & Channel 39
Storytime is made available to Wrentham
Cable Access though local Community
Libraries. This show is made for children
between the ages of 5 - 10 and is dedicated
to encouraging children to read .
Storytine at the Library airs on Cable 8
Monday's at 7:30pm and Thursday's at
This program allows the viewer into the mind of
a songwriter and see how a song is born,shaped
and influenced by other music and musicians.
The show is filmed in Nashville and sponsored
by ASCAP the American society for Composers,
Authors and Publishers. Songspeak airs
Wednesday's at 8:30pm
Sustainable Today
introduces people to the vast issues that
encompass the sustainable movement. We
provide scientific facts about environmental
conditions, and present up-to-date news.
We showcase local businesses and
non-profit organizations or individuals which
are making the world of sustainability
accessible to you and me. Sustainable
Today engages industry professionals in an
informative, open dialogue.
Plainville. Owned by Author Jeff Kinney
this lively bookstore is not simply a place
to buy bestseller but also to relax, grab a
bite to eat or attend one of the many Visit
the Unlikely Story Bookstore in events
taking place monthly. This program airs
Saturdays at 10:30pm
is produced by members of the Great
Falls Model Railroad Club of
Lewiston/Auburn, Maine. Videographers
from the club and their friends record
trains from Maine, other New England
states, and eastern states as far west as
Pennsylvania, Virginia, and California.
Train Times airs on Tuesdays at 8pm
Copyright 2021- Wrentham Cable Access